The AstroPAX-MP & AstroPAX-HP S-Band PA boasts the smallest form factor of the family of AstroComm SSPAs ( Solid State Power Amplifiers) at 2.5 cubic inches. These highly efficient solid state power amplifier provides programmable output power over a range of 0.1 to 10 watts of RF power across the S band.

Based on the latest semiconductor, PCB and assembly technology, AstroPAX’s power efficiency and miniature form factor make it ideal for size, weight, and power-constrained broadband RF telemetry and communication systems. The AstroComm  S-band power amplifier takes low SWaP to a new level, allowing it to be integrated into the smallest aerial platforms flying today.


  • High Performance: Unique combination of broadband coverage, miniature form factors, and high efficiency.

  • Enclosures: The AstroPAX power amplifier is housed in a silver nickel plated aluminum enclosure with mounting holes incorporated into the chassis.

  • Completely Characterized: The AstroPAX solid state power amplifier has been completely characterized over temperature, voltage, and frequency. These high-performance modules offer significant value for the OEM user or the Systems Integrator.

  • User Friendly: Reverse-Voltage & Over-Voltage protection and regulator thermal shutdown provide defenses against user interface issues.

  • High Reliability: Astrocomm selection of conservatively rated components provides high reliability. Each AstroPAX is inspected to IPC-A-610 Class II quality standards.

  • Applications: Satellite Communications Unmanned Aircraft Systems (UAS) • Unmanned Ground Vehicles (UGV) • Unmanned Surface Vehicles (USV) • Broadband RF Telemetry • RF Communication Systems • Software Defined Radios • Test Labs 

Available Options

  • Fan-cooled heat sink with North American AC/DC wall plug adapter

  • Labeled interface cable with banana jack plugs