High-Efficiency SSPA Technology


• AstroComm has designed hyper-efficient SSPA with PAE > 75%

- High fidelity simulations indicate PAE of 75.9%

• Next steps:

- Develop a prototype

- Produce a portfolio of 1W & 10W SSPA’s in S, X, Ku & Ka frequency bands

  • Solid State Power Amplifiers (SSPA) are the core of transceivers/transmitters in satellites and remote mobile data collectors

  • AstroComm has invented a technique to increase SSPA Power Added Efficiency (PAE) to >45%, which will greatly improve the transmission of large data. Continued R&D indicate PAE could be raised to beyond 70%

  • These high-efficiency SSPAs have multiple uses and is a timely invention given the proliferation of small, low cost satellites and remote mobile communication applications. Advent of 5G Technology opens up a new terrestrial communication opportunity

  • Initial prototype has already been developed and further improvement continues.

  • AstroComm looking to work with potential Users to custom design high efficiency SSPAs to meet specific requirements

vs. Industry Efforts

  • Progress being made in the industry through improvements in GaN materials.

    • Relatively expensive solution


  • Signal processing identified as a technique for enhancement in PAE

    • Design developed to produce SSPA with PAE > 45%

    • Applicable to GaA & GaN materials

    • Can be produced in high volume at low cost

  • Ideally suited for application on cubesats and nanosats
    budgeted < $30K for transceivers and < $10K for SSPAs.

  • Produced an S-Band 1W prototype with around 40% PAE.

  • Provisional patents filed; final patent will combine these and
    subsequent SSPA inventions.